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Comestero cards inexpensively

We manufacture and sell plastic cards for Comestero (SuzoHapp) Eurokey/Worldkey loyalty and cashless payment systems for self-service car washes and vending machines.

Fast fabrication of cards for self-service carwashes according to the customer's design.

The lowest price per Comestero Eurokey card with consistently high quality!


We will produce cashless payment cards according to your layout or will help with card design creation!


The lowest card price for Comestero loyalty and payment systems!

The system of discounts for regular customers.


We send ready-to-use Comestero cards to any country in the world!

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Comestero Eurokey/Worldkey cards for self-service car washes

An important element of the loyalty system for selfservice carwashes!

A large number of self-service carwashes in Europe use cashless payment systems and bonus cards Comestero Eurokey or Comestero Worldkey. The usage of these systems allows users to be encouraged to attend the same selfservice car washes regularly.

Manufacturers of car washing equipment BKF and EHRLE are very widely implementing such payment and loyalty cards. For this reason, the names "BKF card" or "Ehrle card" are often used by car wash owners, although both cards are elements of the Comestero system.


Mifare plastic card for self-service car wash - electronic device with built-in antenna and memory chip. The information between the card and the reader is transmitted wirelessly.

The card for Comestero Eurokey and Worldkey systems stores this data: - about the unique chip serial number (UID);
- about the reader (group of readers) to which the card is assigned.;
- available credit;
- discount amount for the cardholder.

All this information is stored in an encrypted form. In order to get even this encrypted information, you need to know the access keys to memory sectors in the card. Each card has its own keys, which are automatically generated by Eurokey or Worldkey cashless payment system. Neither the card user nor the car wash owner has access to these keys.


In order to request the production of the cards you need, you need to define the following parameters:
the required amount of cards, multiple of 100 pieces. The cost of the card depends on the quantity.
card design: you send your ready-made layout or we design it for you. The 4+4 Full Colour Printing allows you to fully exploit your personalisation options.
card lamination type: lamination can be glossy or matt. It does not affect the performance of the card and only depends on customer preferences.
chip serial number (UID) printing. It is necessary in rare cases. Instead of the chip serial number, a sequential card number is printed more often (e.g. range 00000 to 99999).

Once all the necessary information has been received from you and agreed upon, we make a precise calculation of the cost and manufacturing time.

Loyalty cards for vending

Our cards are also suitable for use in Comestero systems in vending machines (coffee, snack, etc.)

There are situations in which it is necessary to give a discount or the possibility of convenient payment for regular customers.

Cashless payment devices with Eurokey/Worldkey loyalty cards, installed in vending machines, allow you to give a personal discount to the buyer and attract to regular purchases at vending machines of one operator.

Order our plastic cards for your loyalty system and we will produce them for you in the shortest possible time.


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